Strengths of our ticketing solutions

  • Totally secure operation of online ticketing systems
  • Network interoperability
  • Complementary distribution networks
  • Ergonomic interfaces that meet disability access standards

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Buying a ticket anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Ticketing covers all activities involved in ticket sales, validation and inspection (as well as fare collection and control). It lies at the heart of public transport systems and our role is to implement simple solutions that can evolve continuously in a complex environment.


For RATP, one of the largest transport networks in France, we provide the following services on a day-to-day basis

  • Ticket production
  • Information systems operation
  • Customer relationship management (after-sales)
  • Ticket sales, validation and inspection
  • Operational management of the system
  • Functional and technical administration
  • Security
  • Consulting to transport authorities

Innovation, one of our key concerns

Our challenge is to improve the passenger experience and meet customer needs (ever more closely) by continuously adapting our ticketing systems to new uses and changing mobile technology.


Innovation, one of our key concerns

  • Purchase and reload of travel passes online or using ATMs
  • Travel passes on mobile devices
  • Ticket validation directly on a mobile phone...

Our achievements

Paris ticketing system
  • As the developer of the ticketing system for one of France's largest transport networks, we are responsible for ticket production, information systems operation, customer relationship management and the ticket sale, validation and control process.

  • We are responsible for day-to-day operation of the system, its functional and technical management and system security.

  • We also play the role of adviser to the transport authorities.

Online reload of Navigo pass
  • Navigo travel pass holders can now recharge their pass weekly or monthly without leaving home using a smartcard reader connected to their computer.
  • All they have to do is connect to and order their smartcard reader or pick one up at a station. This simple secure system avoids needless queuing and enables a receipt to be obtained at any time.


NFC U’GO system
  • Available since June 25th, 2013, the U’ Go application makes it possible to buy and validate its transport ticket since its smartphone on a terminal before getting into tram or on a validor in a bus. The tickets are stored in a secure way in the SIM card of the operator.
  • The goal of this application, available on Android via Google play, is to encourage mobility, to simplify procedures and to offer the choice of the titles most adapted to the customer needs.
  • Ixxi will help the Compagnie of Strasbourg Transport to allow the evolution of the U’ Go service to the users of the city. The ambition is to allow the validation on a urban validator and to deploy the application on the whole of the General Coucil of Bas-Rhin.
NFC ticketing solution
  • Ixxi provides TSP company with technical support in designing, implementing and operating the NFC ticketing solution which it is currently developing in partnership with Telecom Italia (leading Italian telecoms operator) and several transport operators (START in Ravenna, ANM in Naples and TPER in Bologna).
  • The project focuses on nationwide interoperability through a single NFC application to access the transport networks in all the major Italian towns. It aims to share costs and encourage frequent travellers to use the urban public transport systems.
  • An open, modular approach has been taken, both organisationally and technically, which will enable other transport and telecoms operators to join in the project by offering their customers the same NFC ticketing service.
  • During the pilot period, the initial users will be able to buy one-way or all-day travel passes for the Naples, Ravenna and Bologna transport network using a single Android mobile app.


STM Montreal
  • STM, the Montreal Transport Company offers its passengers the option of buying weekly or monthly regular or reduced-price travel passes online.
  • As part of an experimentation, Ixxi is responsible for design, implementation, hosting and integration of the technological solution with STM's ticketing system.
  • The solution is adapted to STM's needs and is being tested for more than one year by 1,000 customers.
  • Travellers use their current card or a new card, on which they recharge tickets by credit card. They can also check their card balance.


Almaty ticketing system
  • Kazakhstan, the world's leading producer of uranium and 5th potential oil producer, is a rich country with a strong infrastructure needs.
  • This contract is part of the overall reform of transport in the city of Almaty conducted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The transport system includes metro, trolleybus, bus and tramway networks. The aim is to implement an integrated citywide ticketing system.
  • Our role is to provide support to the city, represented by the Transport Department of the Akimat, JSC Almaty Development Centre and JSC Almaty Gortrans, to develop, design and deploy the ticketing system.


Agence En Ligne
  • Agence En Ligne is a website enabling RATP users to buy Intégrale card online. Cardholders can also edit their personal details.
  • To subscribe, you simply have to provide an email address, a digital ID photo and your bank details.
  • Subscriptions are then validated by RATP back office staff before being sent to the Navigo Intégrale processing system.