Strengths of our Supervison & Regulation solutions

  • Fleet management and real-time resource
  • Application for smartphones and tablets designed for players regulation
  • Simplified control system providing clear passenger information

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Supervision & Regulation

Tools for tracking public and on-demand transport fleets

Transport authorities and transport network operators need to know exactly where their vehicles are at all times in order to make sure that they can provide users with the most efficient service.


What our solutions provide

  • Real-time geolocation of all vehicle fleets and operating staff
  • Summary or detailed reports for supervisors
  • Live information for users available on all media
  • Analyses and statistics to help improve the transport offer


A full range

Our supervision solutions are based on a broad range of on-board technologies, from the most basic to the more complex combining ticketing, multimodal passenger information and safety


Fully modular

A fully modular capability enables us to cater for all operating configurations, from small intercity networks, car pooling, on-demand or soft transport solutions right through to major city networks, such as Paris, with several thousand vehicles


Our achievements

Cronos Supervision
  • This app is designed for operating staff on the network transport and close to travellers. It provides a control lines environment in real time, the information tools for travelers and resources management tools (drivers, vehicles).
  • The objective is to provide field workers, genuine autonomy and efficiency at the same time to ensure the presence necessary control functions and information for travelers.
  • With Cronos Supervision, Ixxi offers a standardized interface with all operating assistance systems used when available or on the fleet tracking system developed by Ixxi.
  • This application is available on smartphone and tablet.
Live train
  • This tool provides real time information on the position of trains on the transport network.
  • If disrupted traffic, it gives you an estimation of the waiting time at the station of the next subway train or RER.
  • The company Flexicité wanted to send messages and daily route sheets to drivers, allowing them to visualize the characteristics of each mission (location, time additional data ...), validate the care and removal of a client and navigation data based on the current mission.
  • Ixxi proposed a turnkey system with a backoffice interfaced with the existing system. Then, it developed a web application including all the features to regulators and a mobile application containing all the features for drivers.
  • The Management System of Circumstantial Information is an essential component of the IMAGE project. It diffuses, in RATP areas, a multimodal and dynamic passenger information.
  • It is responsible for the management of disturbances, commercial and event information, the definition of IMAGE portal for managing multimedia resources useful for the display of traveler information.