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2015 Activity report

Ixxi publishes its 2015 activity report

The year 2015 witnessed a whole host of successful elements as our development in France and on the international scene demonstrates, with primarily our involvement in Riyadh. The Company turnover increased to 21.8 million euros, an increase of 10% over the past 12-month period, and the net operating profit after tax tripled and, not including the RATP Group, doubled. Job opportunities were provided with forty additional employees hired over two years and this trend will be developed over the years to come.

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Publié le 13.05.16

Realization of a 3D model for the Grand Paris Express

The consortium led by the company Vectuel won with his Ixxi partner, the tender for the realization of a 3D digital model launched as part of the Grand Paris Express.

Unique, the project provides for the modeling of the Ile de France. Advanced technology will showcase 3D projects for future stations of the Grand Paris and related integrated real estate projects in the territory. This 3D digital model will include a very fine and realistic representation of the territories crossed by the Grand Paris Express, and bring together the various urban projects and architecture around the newly created stations. It will integrate a large number further information about the new public transport network of Grand Paris.

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Publié le 19.04.16

Launch of the Grand Paris Express travel simulator

Société du Grand Paris asks Ixxi and Ecedi agency to achieve a multimodal route planner.

Société du Grand Paris told Ixxi and Ecedi agency to achieve a multimodal route planner, comparing the current offer of transport common to that enriched the new lines of the Grand Paris Express, which will be commissioned between 2022 and 2030. To make the benefits of the future Grand Paris Express network concrete, Société du Grand Paris wished the realization of a travel station simulator station, comparing the current offer that enriched its new metro lines. Through the comparison of the two trips, users can thus plan and better understand their trip. If the requested route is equivalent, only one result will be displayed.

Offered on the website of the Société du Grand Paris, the new simulator route allows each passenger to indicate his departure station and arrival with an intuitive auto-complete system. No additional test is required neither date nor time nor option. The route calculations are made on the basis of a weekday during the morning peak hours. To power the simulator, Ixxi crossed three Open Data sources, those of the STIF for Optile network, RATP and SNCF, to that of the Grand Paris Express.


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Link to the simulator

Publié le 19.04.16

Ixxi launches Zaléou, a free mobile app

Ixxi launches Zaléou, a new free mobile app dedicated to the localization and the immediate ordering of taxis.

Within the framework of the partnership with “”, Ixxi launches Zaléou, its free application of ordering of taxis. The principle is simple: to locate and order immediately a taxi since its smart phone, with a single click, everywhere in France and 24/24. The application is downloadable free on the Play Store and App Store.

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Press talks about it: :, la nouvelle arme des taxis pour contrer Uber

France3-regions/Lancement du service permettant de heler un taxi par smartphone

La taxi, la nouvelle arme offerte aux taxis contre Uber et les VTC

Le, la plateforme qui veut concurrencer les VTC reclamations contre votre taxi ? Notez le chauffeur

Publié le 19.04.16