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Inauguration of Zenway touch screen

President Pierre Mongin presented on April 29th, 2014 to Jean-Paul Huchon, president of Stif, and to Christophe Najdovski, deputy in charge of transport in the city of Paris, the new screen Zenway.

Developed by Ixxi, Zenway is currently tested in the Hoche room of the Charles-of-Gaulle-Etoile station. It provides very quickly travellers useful information on transport located near the place where they are and provides innovative services.


A touch screen for travelers

The Zenway allows travelers access to transport information such as:

  • Real time passenger information
  • Search for routes or a route to a tourist place or airport
  • Travel time
  • Lines or accessible transportation nearby
  • Associated networks

With its map that you can zoom in leisure, it also delivers useful information about the area :

  • City map
  • The location and availability of Vélib stations
  • The level of surrounding businesses (restaurants, hotels) or nearby tourist places
  • A pedestrian route can be proposed to get there

Zenway delivers complementary information to other connected mobility tools (mobile and multimodal displays in real time). The screen is installed at the Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile station, experimentally to collect in situ reactions of travelers and to make evolve its features.

Publié le 06.05.14

Evolution of NFC U'GO system

Ixxi will help the Transport Company of Strasbourg in the evolution of its NFC U'GO system

Available from 25 June 2013, the application allows U'GO to buy and validate their tickets from their smartphone via a terminal before boarding a tram or via a validator on a bus. Titles are securely stored in the SIM card of the operator.

The purpose of this application available on Android via Google play is to encourage mobility, simplify procedures and to the choice of the most suitable to the needs of client securities.

Eventually, the CTS wishes to change the U'GO service for its users. It aims to enable to perform validation on an urban validator and wants to set up the application across the CG67

Publié le 28.04.14

Ixxi experiments NFC ticketing in Italy

TSP, genuine carrier of innovation as regards mobile payment, chooses to trust Ixxi.

Ixxi was chosen by TSP to accompany it on the technical plan in the design, the implementation and the operation of the solution of ticketing NFC (telephone without contact) which it currently works out in partnership with Telecom Italia (1st Italian telecom operator) and several operators of transport (START in Ravenna, ANM in Naples, TPER in Bologna).

The project focusses on the interworking at the level of the national territory, by proposing a single application NFC to reach the transport networks of the Italian big cities. It aims pooling the costs and at reconciling the category of the users frequently moving between several cities, with urban transport public.

The adopted approach, both organizational and technical level, is open and modular and will allow in particular other operators of transport and other operators telecoms to join this project, by offering to their customers the same service of NFC ticket.

A pilot phase of several months begin in the first quarter of 2014. The first users will be able, during this period, to acquire starting from a single androïd portable application a one-way ticket or a daily ticket for the networks of Naples, Ravenna and Bologna.

It is moreover the single project of ticketing NFC “SIM based” of scale currently in progress in Italy in the field of transport. A similar project, called ABC (Application Billettique Commune) is in the course of invitation to tender in France.

Publié le 28.04.14

Ixxi sponsor of the State of the Map Conference

Ixxi is sponsor of the 2nd edition of “State Of The Map”, event organized by OpenStreetMap France, which will be held from April 4th to April 6th, 2014 at the NUMA located at 39, rue du Caire in Paris.

The purpose of this annual second edition is to open to the professionals, communities, companies, increasingly many to use and enrich the data of the free project OpenStreetMap. These three days will be punctuated by many conferences on the subject as well as the presence of an elected official of the Ile-de-France region. With this occasion, Ixxi will present the mobility platform carried out for the General Council of Essonne and how this one is based on the use of the OpenStreetMap chart.



Publié le 01.04.14