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Publié le 16.09.14

Discover the most digital metro of the world

On June 13, Ixxi participated in the debate on digital dimensions of the Grand Paris Express

On 13 June 2014, the Société du Grand Paris was organizing a big debate in the Gaite Lyrique following the call for expressions of interest it launched in December 2013, on the numerical size of the Grand Paris Express.

The conference had the ambition "To invent the most digital metro of the world" and made a new synthesis paths for reflection built around services and digital innovations that should be deployed in the future.

Of the 115 contributions were received, Ixxi intervened on the issue of passenger data and how to promote data usage. Access to open data in real time would create services tailored to users' needs, personalized and contextualized.

Applications can create a multitude of urban services "en route" significantly improving the lives of travelers (geomarketing deliveries along the way, spontaneous cultural events, social network connectivity, ...).

To see the whole debate: digital


Publié le 21.08.14

Nouvelle Ville Exhibition - Parc Floral of Paris

Come to meet us on Ixxi J35/K36 stand of RATP Group and discover our solutions for smart mobility.

Ixxi will present at the 18th Annual Exhibition of the New Town from 3 to 5 June 2014 at the Parc Floral de Paris on J35/K36 stand of RATP Group.

Major player in the ticketing and passenger information, Ixxi will present all of its solutions, from the Zenway touchscreen, to mobile applications dedicated to urban mobility, through our passenger information tools. We provide efficient and effective responses to the various problems of local communities.

Publié le 20.05.14

Inauguration of Zenway touch screen

President Pierre Mongin presented on April 29th, 2014 to Jean-Paul Huchon, president of Stif, and to Christophe Najdovski, deputy in charge of transport in the city of Paris, the new screen Zenway.

Developed by Ixxi, Zenway is currently tested in the Hoche room of the Charles-of-Gaulle-Etoile station. It provides very quickly travellers useful information on transport located near the place where they are and provides innovative services.


A touch screen for travelers

The Zenway allows travelers access to transport information such as:

  • Real time passenger information
  • Search for routes or a route to a tourist place or airport
  • Travel time
  • Lines or accessible transportation nearby
  • Associated networks

With its map that you can zoom in leisure, it also delivers useful information about the area :

  • City map
  • The location and availability of Vélib stations
  • The level of surrounding businesses (restaurants, hotels) or nearby tourist places
  • A pedestrian route can be proposed to get there

Zenway delivers complementary information to other connected mobility tools (mobile and multimodal displays in real time). The screen is installed at the Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile station, experimentally to collect in situ reactions of travelers and to make evolve its features.

Publié le 06.05.14