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Ixxi releases its 2016 Annual Report

xxi has experienced a marked acceleration in its development during the last twelve months, which have been marked by great successes.

These achievements include the 16% increase in consolidated revenue and the strong increase of the number of employees (75 in 2014, 115 in 2015 and 200 in 2016). The year 2017 was also marked by innovation, which remains, of course, one of our priorities. We focus primarily on the new services that can be provided through "Big Data" and the dematerialisation of tickets in the field of ticketing. At the level of passenger information, we work on the indoor/outdoor guidance of travelers through virtual reality or augmented reality. Finally, we have launched a major reflection on the fleet management of the future. We are engaged in an innovative software development program on ticketing products, passenger information and an operating aid system of more than 6 million euros.

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Publié le 25.08.17

Ticketing system for the Abidjan lagoon shuttle

The international expansion of Ixxi is accelerating with a second contract in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivoiry Coast. Following a first assistance mission to optimize the ticketing operation of its new transport service, Citrans has entrusted Ixxi with the complete installation of the ticketing system for its lagoon shuttles.

Citrans is a new private lagoon transport company, created and managed by Zoumana Bakayoko, who will soon operate a fleet of several bus-buses in Abidjan. Ixxi will be responsible for implementing the entire future lagoon transport ticketing system. With this new contract, Ixxi is positioned in this region, where the company intends to continue its development. Abidjan, considered the cultural crossroads of western Africa, is experiencing strong growth characterized by major industrialization and urbanization. The Ivorian government, which has the will to promote alternative means of transport in order to reduce urban congestion in the city, relies in particular on the development of lagoon transport.

Publié le 25.08.17

A new fleet management system for SAVAC

Ile-de-France Mobilités Ile-de-France Mobility validates the Navocap offer made to SAVAC, to equip 37 vehicles in its fleet on the Versailles Grand Parc network.

Navocap will equip the buses of the regular and school lines with a new fleet management which will be able to answer the requirements of Ile-de-France Mobilité in terms of passenger information and interoperability.

The main objectives are to retain the usual users of the network, improve urban mobility, make public transport safer, more convenient, accessible to all, quick and comfortable, while facilitating operation, providing information in real time and enhance security on all lines. The purpose of this system is to improve the quality of service to customers and to highlight the assets of the SAVAC transport offer.

Publié le 25.08.17

Success for the first certification audit

As part of its continuous improvement, Ixxi confirms its ISO 9001 certification.

Ixxi was audited during two days as part of its annual certification audit. The auditor completed her mission by recommending the demeanor of the certificate ISO 9001 obtained in December 2015. During its restitution, she particularly insisted on the dynamism and the strong implication of Management and the collaborators, making it possible the quality system to be a genuine management tool, directed towards customer satisfaction, the continuous improvement and the economic performance. Thus, it noted only 5 significant points this year (against 8 in 2015) and 4 strong points. Relevant recommendations from the auditor will be integrated in 2017. The success of this first audit is proof that Ixxi's transformation is in right track.

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Publié le 14.12.16