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A new contract for Ixxi in Ecuador

Ixxi will provide the ticketing of the future Guayaquil cable car

Ixxi won a new contract in Guayaquil to equip the city's future cable car by providing a complete ticketing system. Guayaquil is the first city in Ecuador, its economic capital is the largest port on the West coast of Latin America. Dubbed the "Pearl of the Pacific", it has 2.3 million inhabitants. The cable car between Durán and Guayaquil will reduce by four the daily travel time of 230,000 inhabitants. The line will connect the economic heart of Guayaquil to the residential area of ​​Durán in 15 minutes (compared to one hour now at rush hour), simplifying the crossing of the river. With this contract, Ixxi strengthens its presence in the region and will support the improvement of the mobility of the inhabitants of Guayaquil.


Publié le 17.05.18

Ixxi publishes its 2017 activity report

A year marked by the acceleration of our commercial development that allows us to pursue sustained growth.

Ixxi continues its efforts in 2017 with a 14% increase in turnover. With an investment plan of 6 million euros, innovation has occupied an important place with a particular focus on Big Data and the dematerialization of titles in the field of ticketing. The year 2018 will also be marked by innovation, which remains one of our priorities. In terms of passenger information, we work on the guidance of indoor / outdoor travelers through virtual reality or augmented reality. Finally, we have launched a major discussion on the future of the Exploitation System (CAS). In 2017, Ixxi took a turning point by joining the RATP group's corporate social responsibility approach with a focus on the well-being of employees.

Download the 2017 activity report

Publié le 16.05.18

Ixxi strengthens its presence in Latin America

Ixxi wins technical assistance contract to achieve interoperability of public transport card in Santo Domingo.

In mid-2018, a single title will give access to the entire transport network of Santo Domingo (Metro, bus and cable car). This new contract is part of the policy of modernization of the network led by the Transport Authority of Santo Domingo. It recognizes the expertise that Ixxi had already deployed in Algiers during the implementation of tram interoperability in autumn 2017.

Publié le 22.01.18

Some news for Algiers metro and tram

Since October 10th, with the help of the AOTU-A (Organizing Authority of Urban Transport of Algiers) and in collaboration with the Company of the metro of Algiers (EMA) a single and only title of transport without contact allows to public transport users in Algiers to use both metro and tramway.

For one year, Ixxi worked on setting up the interoperability of the non-contact ticket in close collaboration with the two industrial suppliers of the subway and tramway ticketing systems in Algiers.

The interoperability of the Algiers metro and tramway is fully in line with the plans of the Algerian authorities to modernize the transport networks in Algeria in order to gradually reduce congestion in the city's road traffic. Now magnetic tickets and contactless cards can be used on metro and tramway equipment.


Publié le 05.12.17