Strengths of our passenger information solutions.

  • Standardised repository and open data
  • Multimodals (combine all types of transport)
  • Integration of passenger information from as many operators as required
  • Regulation of passenger flows

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Passenger Information

Optimise your journey thanks to multimodal, multimedia and live information.

Public transport users are demanding an ever improving, increasingly individualised travel experience. They want responsive, innovative services to make their journey easier.


Passenger expectations

  • Get information to prepare and optimise their journey
  • Look up traffic conditions in real time
  • Be warned of incidents and be given alternative solutions

Our challenges

  • Meet this strong demand with an innovative, rich, multimodal offer adapted to today’s pace of life
  • Design, implement and operate transport-related information services and solutions for local authorities and companies

Our solutions

  • Disseminate multimodal information through a dedicated web interface, on screens in companies or in public places
  • Setup interactive touch screens with a local map combining transport and other useful day-to-day services
  • Develop mobility platforms providing full, reliable, up-to-the-minute information on several media based around the transport services available in a given town, district or region
  • Develop customised mobile apps that can provide both static on-board information and dynamic data feeds when connected to the network

Our achievements

ZenWay touch screen

With ZenWay, travelers now have access not only to information or services related to transport (lines in the vicinity , real-time next bus train or bus , looking for a route on the rail network), but also information neighborhood (plans, restaurants, hotels and nearby attractions, with pedestrian paths to get there).

  • Multilingual and meeting accessibility standards, the screen delivers information adapted to the place where it is located. It is designed to be deployed in public places and integrated within the street furniture. Particular attention was given to ergonomics in order to make the most intuitive and simple navigation as possible.
  • ZenWay allows travelers to access mobility information such as : the map lines and breakpoints or search by name via a keypad, the simplified search for tourist place or airport routes, sheet detailed road, with the next bus in real time and travel time.
  • Access to information on his mobile phone, thanks to scan the QR code and NFC Tag.
RATP app

In 2009, the RATP launched a new mobile app of passenger information to accompany and assist its customers in their movements. Available in English and French, it can be downloaded from the AppStore, Google Play and Windows Phone.


The app " RATP " covers the entire range of services offered to travelers by the RATP on the mobile. It allows among others to perform route searches, access real-time information and functionality of alerts in the event of traffic disruption, manage custom data through its maRATP account.


In November 2014, a new update allows travellers to customize the home screen with its schedule to be alerted of a disruption on its lines, find the best route from the home screen, find the real-time schedule: RER , Metro, Bus, Noctilien, Tram, airport lines, geolocate the nearest stations and synchronize maRATP account to always have favorites on hand. This application is one of the most used in everyday applications by the Parisians.

Mobility platform
  • On 5 July 2013, the Ille-et-Vilaine local authority launched, its new transport network information site.
  • Completely redesigned, this mobility platform aims to facilitate travel, inform and assist in daily and real-time users throughout the department. It relies on a multimodal information system.
  • Ixxi ensures the operation, maintenance and development for 7 years and is associated with Flexcité * for the operation of the call center and the reservation of the on-demand transport.

*Flexcité is a RATP Group subsidiary specialised in on-demand transport and transport for persons with reduced mobility.

IMAGE project
  • When is my bus due to arrive? And the next one? Have I got time to buy a paper before my tram arrives? In metro stations equipped with the new screens, the waiting time for connecting buses and trams is now displayed for operating systems supported by Ixxi.
  • Passengers are given continuous live information on their connections.
  • The screens come in different sizes to accommodate various RATP configurations spaces and ensure comfortable viewing.
  • 3,000 new screens are now being installed. They will be installed in all RATP areas (metro, train and some bus stations). Over a hundred stations and stations have been equipped since the summer of 2012 , in RER, metro and tram stations.
  • Under the IMAGE project Ixxi participates in the repository, provides management disruption solution and display system.
Visit Paris by Metro

With or without a internet connection, this app, which has been available in 7 languages since July 2013, gives tourists a whole host of practical information to make their trip easier :

  • Passenger assistance (how to use the metro, useful phone numbers, safety advice, timetables and translations of key phrases)
  • Travel assistance and itineraries to tourist places
  • Assistance in choosing the type of ticket to buy
  • Assistance in station/airport transfers, with pedestrian and/or bus route maps to get from one station to another (distance, time needed, etc.).

It also provides information about 23 tourist places, the benefits offered by the 13 partners to the Paris Visite travel pass and the opportunity to share on Facebook. Available from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon's App-Shop.

Mobility solutions for companies
  • Ixxi's mobility service platform provides companies with tailored multimedia passenger information solutions and value-added services related to travel.

  • Employees can look up timetables and live information about local public transport conditions, with a highly degree of personalisation.

  • Broadcast on all media types (information screens, workstation widgets, mobile phones, etc.), useful passenger information is simple, consistent and accessible. Employees can optimise their journey and travel serenely.

  • To better meet business needs, Ixxi is developing a range of contextual services, which are highly customisable and adaptable.

County of Tyne and Wear, UK

Ixxi disseminates passenger information screens throughout the bus network of the county of Tyne and Wear, in partnership with the Italian company Thetis, specializing in operations support systems.

Ixxi provides and administers the distribution system management and passenger information screens on behalf of Nexus, the organizing authority of local transport. Consists of 5 districts whose administrative capital is Newcastle, County Tyne and Wear currently has 300 screens and account deploy nearly 500 by 2015. The goal is to provide users with reliable, real-time and the multimodal context-screen location.

Mobility platform in the Essonne
  • The Essonne local authority wished to facilitate and promote the use of alternative travel solutions to avoid people travelling alone in their cars. To do that, it had to provide users with full, reliable, up-to-the-minute information about their entire journey, available through several media.
  • Ixxi was responsible for ensuring the implementation, installation, operation, maintenance and development of the mobility center in Essonne for 4 years.
  • Apart from the daily travel needs of working people, the mobility platform is also intended for schoolchildren, people with reduced mobility, people requiring mobility assistance, leisure travellers and freight.

Osmose station
  • In May 2012, RATP opened an experimental bus station called "Osmose" on the boulevard Diderot in Paris as part of the European Bus System of the Future project.
  • The station is located at the breakpoint high-traffic "Gare de Lyon – Diderot", close to the Gare de Lyon pole. Designed to collect and test a number of innovations, oriented transport or urban setting , this station is a multifunctional place ensuring a better quality of service for passengers, but also for neighbors and passersby.
  • It provides new services for passengers, including a dynamic, interactive information system. The intuitive touch screens give direct access to all useful travel data (all travel modes, tourist information, services, local area news, etc.). The screen is designed to be deployed outside and integrated within the street furniture.
  • The passenger information system is composed of two large screens displaying real time multimodal information and a touch screen, with dynamic and interactive travel information on the neighborhood and on the city.
Web and mobile site of Casatram
  • Within a consortium of the "Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations" of Morocco and the company Transinvest, Ixxi designed the website and mobile sites.
  • Ixxi helps RATP Dev in operating the Casablanca tramway with information on the network, rates and points of sale, schedules crossing tram and an interactive map.