We design long-term solutions and innovative services that facilitate urban mobility and optimise the daily passenger experience, before, during and right up to the end of travel.

Founded in 2010


A company benefiting from the expertise and experience of the RATP Group, Ixxi is a dependable partner with pertinent, proven references that provides innovative solutions designed for you.


More than 100 employees

Ixxi staff were brought on board either via RATP, the parent company, or via other transport operators and industrial companies. This unique blend of professional experience, coupled with a proven methodology, allows Ixxi to be more responsive and to make smart answers tailored to your needs.

Paris Ticketing System

The Paris Ticketing System department is responsible for the contract between RATP and Ixxi and for overseeing the operation, security and development of the system.

R&D and Innovation

The R&D and Innovation department is responsible for technological intelligence, for overseeing and implementing Ixxi's innovation programme and for all standard-setting activities.

Sales and Marketing

The Sales and Marketing department is responsible for overseeing and coordinating customer relations, for developing commercial offers and pre-sale campaigns, and for defining Ixxi's product catalogue.


The Technical department is responsible for developing, maintaining and operating solutions and products.



Ixxi worldwide


Already active in numerous countries, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Kazakhstan and Morocco, Ixxi’s ambition is to develop moreextensively in France and internationally. Several French local authorities have already shown confidence in us, including Ille-et-Vilaine, Essonne or Strasbourg.


A group with
over 56 000 employees


A subsidiary of the RATP Group, Ixxi offers you its expertise in passenger information and ticketing services. Ixxi proposes and operates seamless solutions using its own components, which are
easily adaptable to different user environments.